Friday, January 21, 2011

Craft Room Organization

For this weeks Heart 2 Heart Challenge, they are asking for pictures of our craft rooms and how we organize them.  I have to admit that I'm very lucky, because I have taken over our whole downstairs family room area for my craft room.  I just received a cabinet for my Christmas present this year and let me tell you I LOVE IT!  I bought it on Craigs list.  There are a lot of entertainment units for sale now that everyone (except for us) has a flat screen TV.  It works perfect to store all my goodies in.  Here is a tour.

This is a view of most of the room.  I have two folding tables from costco that I can get 8 - 12 people around depending on how I set them up.  My husband cut out 14x16 pieces of hardboard and then I put kids craft foam on top of that with scratch paper to make a perfect stamping surface.

Here is my three-piece entertainment cabinet that I got for Christmas off of Craigs List.  I love it because I can just close that center piece and all my "stuff" is hidden.  I'll have to tell you it took me over two weeks to get everything organized in there.

 Here it is opened up.  Man does it hold a lot of stuff.  My husband didn't think that it would all fit in there but it did.  Well most of it anyway.  We had an old shelf from his bachelor days that fit perfect in the center.  It has a hole cut out of the back from the previous owners, but I just covered it with fabric.  You can't even tell.

 Here is my paper rack that I made out of the wire grid cubes from Target.  It is several sets put together.  I used zip ties to add all the shelves.  Looking at the picture reminds me that I need to cut those extra tabs off.  I also have a small rolling rack that holds misc. items next to the paper.

This is my problem area, still a work in progress for organization.  It is kind of my catch-all.  Not really sure how to handle the embellishments.  Usually the black board is filled with samples, but I'm waiting for my swap for the new catalog to come.  It should be here soon......Yipeee!

This is the ledge that runs around three sides of the room.  Great for displaying items.  I have a wonderful customer (who is also a consultant) that gives me gifts all the time this is her little corner.  Thanks Tracy!

This is the area were we put the food and drinks for workshops and my 3 monthly stamp clubs.

This is my daughter's area.  I love that she likes to stamp with me, but I prefer for her to use her own supplies for most things.  The boxes holding the papers are old USPS shipping boxes.  I saw on the CTMH bulletin board a long time ago that someone used those.  They fit perfectly.  Oh, the Tombow is not hers I just buy it by the case to get a great price on it.

Well that is pretty much it.  Of course I'm not showing you all my messy areas and no one is allowed in the room that is off to the side.  That door stays shut and it is my goal to get that organized sometime in 2011. (oh, sure I've been saying that for years now)
 I would also love to paint the walls a color instead of white, but I can't decide what color to paint.  If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment! 


Karen Day said...

Debi - I think your entertainment unit idea is brilliant! Of course there are tons of those available right now... what a great way to repurpose them! Thanks for joining us this week at H2H :o)

Jenifer said...

What great idea! Your room is GREAT! thank you for letting us peek in your craft room! :)

Melanie said...

Love your room, i'm so jalous of your middle table... i wish i had room for friends in my space.

Lorrinda said...

Debi, I love it! You are lucky to have such a big space, and that repurposed entertainment center is awesome! Thank you or sharing your creative space with us at H2H!

Lisa Stenz said...

What a wonderful space! I love how you organized everything. (I know embellishments can be hard to organize. Check out all of the other posts on the H2H blog this week. Maybe you'll find some good ideas for those embellies.) Thanks for sharing your space with us at H2H! *Ü*

Corina said...

Hi Debi!
You did a great job organizing. I love your paper racks and the entertainment center. I have the same problem with embellishments. Thank you so much for sharing with us at H2H!!!

Amanda Kowalker said...

Of course I love it! My second home! lol! My suggestions for colors are chocolate and sweet leaf!! You know we both have good taste! ;) he he he!

Melinda said...

What a great find your entertainment center was! I cannot believe how much product you are storing in it.