Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today is the beginning of Jackpot June

What is Jackpot June?  Hit the jackpot and win free porducts OR grab loaded goodie boxes at 50% off or more.  Enjoy two types of deal days in June!  Go to my website at http://www.debidavis.myctmh.com/ to find out what wonderful special is happening.  Be sure to go back everyday to check out the goodies.

Here is some info:
On Goodie Box days...You can purchase on box filled with popular products at 50% or more off retail value!  Each goodie box day will feature different surprise items, so you can score a wide variety of current and recently retired products.
On Jackpot days...5 products will be offered for sale at discounted prices.  One of the 5 products is the mystery jackpot item for the day, but we're not telling which - - exciting, isn't it!  If you happen to order the mystery jackpot item, we'll reward you with one or more FREE CTMH products, with shipping included on the free items!  If you purchase all 5 products, you're guaranteed to hit the jackpot!  There's no purchase limit--if you order multiple secret jackpot items, we'll send you the same number of free items.
These special offers include discounted shipping/handling and are only available on your consultant's MyCTMH website (see my link above).
Be sure to check back everyday for the latest offer!
Have fun shopping and good luck!!


ABCandE said...

Hey Debi,

Do the Jackpot June specials come out at a certain time everyday? It's 7:25 am and there isn't a special listed right now. Thanks!

Stamp n Fun with Debi said...

A new special should come up everyday at 8:00 am our time (that is 9:00 am Mountain daylight time).